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Do you know what beauty is?

by Zana Bonafe


Coisa linda Acrylic on printed canvas 120 x 80 cm
Coisa Linda  Acrylic on printed canvas 120 x 80 cm by Zana Bonafe

Do you know what beauty is?

Beauty is the smell of orange flower blossom, of coffee, of femininity.

It is the sparkle in the eyes like a morning star, it is the brilliance of faith, it is a woman’s glow.

Beauty is an exterminating kiss.  

At least this is it what the renowned Brazilian singer and song writer Geraldo Azevedo says in his famous “Moça Bonita” – Beautiful Young Woman song.

Geraldo is 76 years old and some would claim he has a romanticised view of things.  

So, we look for the opinion of a younger artist, Tiago Lorc, a 35 year old shooting star, popular with Millennials, Gen X as well as Baby Boomers.

With 2.7 million online followers on Instagram alone his viewpoint is certainly seen.

But truly heard is his Song “Coisa Linda” – Beautiful Thing, listened over 95 million times on Spotify.  

Tiago tells us that a woman is pretty just the way she is, from head to toe.

Beauty is the morning; beauty is peppermint tea; beauty is to swim in the sea.

Beauty is taking your time to rise from your bed when you wake up. 

Beauty is in the body, in the skin, in our thoughts, inside us. 


Imagine if we could translate the essence of a song into a visual form.

Can we transform the beauty of musical notes and poetry into a painting?

This is what the Dubai based artist Zana Bonafe does, capturing Brazilian songs into stunning Arabic calligraphy paintings.  

Moça Bonita Acrylic on printed canvas 120 x 80 cm
Moça Bonita Acrylic on printed canvas 120 x 80 cm by Zana Bonafe

Zana started painting as a child and found her talent while living in London and training under the technique of Bob Ross with oil paint. Her interest then was into portraits. When she started dating her now husband, she decided to study Arabic to better settle into his culture. At first, it was challenging to learn a new language as she focused on listening and speaking only. It was only when she changed schools and started to read and write in Arabic that she fell in love with the flexibility of its calligraphy. “It’s a powerful language and the script allows for much creativity” she says.  Twenty-one years later, her style has evolved from Naquin ink technical calligraphy to a merge between script and painting, a colourful explosion of words in a contemporary graffiti style.  

Zana has been living in Dubai for the last 13 years and says this is where home is. She has her painting studio in Palm Jumeirah, surrounded by her pets Lola and Tutsie. Music is a must while she paints and from that came her latest inspiration. 

The 2021 collection, Fusion, is a marriage of her Brazilian roots with her love for the Arab world. Colourful, bold and large, her paintings have the fun of samba and the sophistication of precious metals. Most have a shimmer of gold or silver, bouncing light and giving movement to the painting as light reflects on it. The selected Brazilian songs are beautiful to listen to and have meaningful lyrics.

Beauty to the ears and to the eyes! The Fusion Collection includes songs from Geraldo Azevedo and Tiago Lorc.   

Zana also works on commissions for individualised pieces.

You can find her on Instagram, @zanabonafe or contact her on 

do you know what beauty is? Painting by Zana Bonafe
Painting by Zana Bonafe

5 of the Best Brazilian Treatments for Cellulite Reduction

Do you wish you could find an effective non-surgical cellulite treatment?

Congratulations, you have now – I will let you know about my Brazilian techniques that really work.

I have had extensive training and have developed techniques that have successfully treated ladies for many years in Brazil, UK and also UAE.


It is estimated that 80% of women and 20% of men have cellulite.

It can occur as small areas of dimples to large areas of dimples and skin depressions.

There are many reasons why people get cellulite.

These include genetics, poor diet, hormones, being over weight, lack of exercise, poor circulation, smoking and also drinking alcohol.

More often than not it is a combination of these reasons.


I believe in an all-round approach for treating cellulite combined with lifestyle changes.


There are a number of really effective non-surgical Brazilian methods that can treat cellulite.

Before commencing any treatment a client consultation session is essential.

This will determine the severity, possible causes and will help to decide a suitable action plan.


I recommend the following very effective methods for tackling cellulite:

1. Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage.

Gentle Brazilian massage that stimulates the blood circulation. It also helps to stimulate the drainage of lymph and eliminate fluid retention just below the surface of the skin. This massage is best performed with special Brazilian lymphatic drainage creams. These penetrate the surface of the skin to improve its appearance. My favourite creams are made by Hidramais Profissional from Brazil. This treatment is effective for minor cases of cellulite (orange peel appearance)

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage
Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage

2. Brazilian Cellulite Reducing / Body Shaping Massage.

A stronger massage which helps to smoothen the skin and reduce cellulite by boosting blood flow to the skin’s surface and also releasing lymphatic fluids. This method is effective for more extensive cases of minor cellulite.

3. Endermology Cellulite Treartment

This method uses a device with a small roller combined with a vacuum that lifts and kneads the skin.  It enhances blood flow to the area and also stimulates the release of lymphatic fluid from the cells.  A very effective device that I have used for many years and highly recommend is called Endosux from Brazil.


Brazilian Cellulite treatment endosux
Brazilian Cellulite treatment endosux

4. Radio Frequency Cellulite Treatment

Locally applied radio waves promote the improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation. Radio Frequency helps to remove fluids while increasing the production of collagen elastin. Another Brazilian device that I have used for many years is from KLD Biosistemas . It gives excellent results.

5. Ultrasound Cellulite Treatment.

Stimulates blood flow and metabolic activity. It increases circulation and drainage of toxins from the body. A very effective ultrasound device that I have used extensively is made by dgm electronica from Brazil.


Usually I recommend a combination of the above methods to achieve the best results.


Unfortunately there are no techniques to eradicate cellulite overnight.

Treatment may continue for a number of sessions depending on the severity and also the individual’s response.

Appropriate lifestyle changes should support these methods.

The body will replace cellulite quickly if bad habits continue.

So it is important to combine cellulite treatment with weight loss, more exercise, activity and also by drinking more water.

Stop unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol or eating junk food.

Remove cellulite and keep it away with this combined approach.

If you would like to find out more about Brazilian cellulite treatments I would be very happy to hear from you at

or leave a message on the WhatsApp button. (Ladies Only).


Read more about me and Fio de Ouro here.

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How To Get Years Of Fantastic Restful Sleep


If the average person sleeps 8 hours every night, this means that 1/3 of our lives is spent in bed.

If we live for 75 years we will spend a full 25 years of our lives asleep. What a lovely thought. And what an opportunity for skin care


Don’t miss the opportunity for night time skin care.

When it comes to skin care we should think of these years of sleep as an opportunity to give our skin some extra help to rehydrate and regenerate to keep it in tip top condition.

If we don’t use night time skin products we are literally missing out on years of skin nourishment.

Thankfully we don’t need to worry about the sun damage that I discussed in my previous blog. And also pollution.

Even the drying effect of air-conditioning or heating is not such a factor when we’re tucked up nice and warm in our own protective cocoon!

At night time we should be nourishing rather than protecting.

Make a pact with yourself for a good night.

Let’s make a pact with ourselves:

No mobile phones within 1 hour of going to bed.

Have a lovely relaxing shower and then drench your skin in your favourite skin moisturiser.

And also a good quality overnight face mask.


Fio de Ouro Pomegranate Overnight Mask Skin care

2 years ago I decided to make my own face mask because I couldn’t find one in the shops that contained all the ingredients that I believe should be in a really good facial mask.

So I developed my own ideal formula and Fio de Ouro Pomegranate Overnight Facial Gel Mask was born!

It is one of the best selling items on our website and you can avail a 10% discount here. It’s also available on and

I’ve had such wonderful feedback about this gel.

You only need to apply it once or twice a week – the other times a serum or moisturiser will be fine.


Every night I go to bed I make sure I apply skin moisturiser. I keep it next to the bed so I don’t have any excuse not to apply it!

It’s like therapy for a good night.

It’s a must do for me and I encourage you to do so too!


good night skin care

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Sun (not so) Glorious Sun

importance of always using sunblock Fio de Ouro
protect yourself aways use sunblock

Always, Always Use Sunblock.

If you were to ask me what is my number one skin care tip (after drinking plenty of water) I would have to say ‘always use sunblock’.

It’s obvious perhaps, I know.

You might also expect that people in sunny countries would always be protecting themselves from the sun.

But how many times have you been to the beach and seen people who are red from head to toe?

Apart from being really painful the next day, sunburn is also dangerous.

But we shouldn’t only be concerned about getting burnt.


Skin pigmentation isn’t just an aesthetic issue. Doctors say it’s a sign that your body is trying to protect itself from sun exposure and cell damage.

Even the slightest skin darkening.

If you allow this process to continue over a period of years then this could damage and prematurely age your skin – or worse.

So if you really care for your skin, I believe you should protect yourself from harmful sun rays at all times.

And I don’t mean only on sunny days and in hot sunny countries.

On cloudy days we may feel less concerned about the sun, but clouds only partially block harmful rays.


My clients ask me how should sun protection fit into a normal skin care routine.

For my face I follow the following sequence:

  1. Use a cleanser.
  2. Apply toner.
  3. Eye cream
  4. Serum/moisturiser.
  5. Sun screen.
  6. Lip balm.
  7. Makeup as preferred.

I normally use a mineral sunscreen, but if I used a chemical type I would apply it straight after cleansing as it is usually recommended that this type of sunscreen should be applied directly to clean skin.

Also I never use a sun screen with an SPF less than 30 and preferably SPF 50.

I personally use and recommend to my clients VI Derm SPF 50+ Sun Cream.   It’s a high quality sunscreen that I trust and really like.


sunblock always use it
sunblock always use it Fio de Ouro

My perfect spot on the beach!


Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love going to the beach. But I avoid going between 10am and 4pm and I’ll usually be found under the shade of the biggest tree.

With a large bottle of water in one hand and my SPF 50 in the other!

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Beauty Is My Passion

Beauty Match.

beauty match - passion about Beauty blog
Passionate about Beauty


Have you googled the word ‘beauty’ recently? Last time I did it returned over 5 billion results!

That’s a staggering number and shows how much information there is already out there on the subject of beauty.

So I will do my best to cover the subject from my perspective – with a Brazilian twist!  

beauty match golden triangle
Golden Triangle

Fio de Ouro is Portuguese for Gold Thread  – here linking Brazil -UAE- London.


I have worked for a long time in the beauty industry, studied different beauty techniques and gained certificates in Sao Paulo in Brazil,  London in UK and Dubai, UAE.

I have learnt so much, working with and treating celebrities, VIPs and other fabulous people from so many different countries and cultures. Read more here.

Everybody has their own opinion on the best methods to achieve the ultimate goal of beauty.

Some I wouldn’t personally use myself (or recommend to anyone) – like using charcoal to darken eyebrows – as people used to do where I’m from in Brazil.

beauty match passion for beauty
Passionate about Beauty


Passionate about Beauty

I would love to hear if you have any weird or wonderful beauty tips you would like to share with our community. Leave any comments in the box below.

Thanks for reading my blog and see you soon!


Beauty by AnaAlice

beauty by Anaalice blog

Beauty by AnaAlice

Hi everybody! Thank you so much for visiting Fio de Ouro Beauty.

Due to an overwhelming number of requests I have decided to start my own beauty blog! This is for sure something I never planned to do but I’m very excited to be able to share my beauty secrets and knowledge with you! I hope you will find my blogs interesting and useful –  and hopefully fun as well!

If you would like to know more about Fio de Ouro please visit Our Story.

Information Overload.

Nowadays there are so many good products, treatment and beauty related advice available online that it can be really difficult to make correct decisions. Not only is it difficult, it can be so time consuming when we have so many other things we need to do in our hectic daily lifestyles.

So I want to help you save time, money and effort to stay fit, healthy and looking beautiful.


In my blog I will offer my tips, advice and recommendations to help you improve your lifestyle and beauty routine. I will also help you choose the most effective methods and products to allow you achieve your beauty goals!

I may include product or service recommendations in my blogs. You can be assured that my recommendations can be trusted because honesty and integrity are very important to me.

I will only recommend products or services that I really believe in.


Some of the topics I will be covering in my blogs are listed below. Please bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates. If there are any topics you would like me to cover please contact me.

Beauty is my Passion.

This is my personal bio, introducing myself to those who don’t know me.

Sun (not so) Glorious Sun.

The harmful effects of the sun cannot be over emphasised (especially in the UAE). Ultraviolet rays A and B cause skin aging and burning so must be prevented from harming your skin even on a cloudy day. In this blog I explain why and how you should best protect yourself from the sun every day.

How to get Years of Fantastic Restful Sleep.

I believe you can sleep easier at night knowing that you are taking care of your skin while sleeping. Many people have told me they don’t have an overnight skincare regime. They are missing a massive opportunity for skin nourishment. We spend a third of our lives in bed so this is a great time to apply your favourite overnight skincare products.

5 of the best Brazilian Treatments for Cellulite Reduction.

Cellulite affects so many people in different ways – physically and emotionally. It can really affect a person’s self confidence. In this blog I introduce 5 of the best really effective non surgical Brazilian techniques for cellulite reduction. There are some great Brazilian devices available that can really help with cellulite.  Brazilian massage and treatment using specialist machines in the salon combined with appropriate home care can really help reduce cellulite.

Laser hair Removal.

Emsculpt Body Contouring.

Body shaping and slimming with Brazilian ultrasound and radio frequency devices.

Pre and post surgery MLD.

HydraFacial treatment.

Facial treatment types and techniques.

Body Massage techniques.

Skin Tightening Methods. 

…and more!

I also really would like to hear from you!

If you have any suggestions for my blog I would be delighted to hear from you.

If you would like to contribute please contact me.

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