Successfully creating unique perfumery products for people, homes and businesses for 17 years. Perfumes, home fragrances, soaps, dry fragrances, pocket perfumes, bath salts, spray home fragrances, room fragrances – all this and much more in Aromika’s range of products and services.

Discovering new scents is our team’s passion. We do what we love, so we are always looking for something extraordinary – something that we can surprise our customers with.

The company, which is in its second decade of operation, is perhaps the largest manufacturer of Lithuanian fragrances, which also delivers its products to the markets of Spain, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and Great Britain.

Every year, at least several new products are born in Aromika, and the last years have been particularly creative for the company – not only more than 20 innovations were created, but also the number of employees and the turnover of the company increased threefold.

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