Agelock Vitamin C Plus Ferulic 30g


Agelock Vitamin C Plus Ferulic Acid by O3+

O3+ Agelock Vitamin C Plus Ferulic is a de-pigmentation, anti-blemish, and anti tan serum consisting of 10% vitamin C and 1 % ferulic acid that works on pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, deep tan and thicker textured skin. It works on fine lines, dark circles and on enhancing skin’s complexion. It neutralizes the free radicals and reduces uneven skin tone and pigmentation drastically.

De-pigmentation serum with 10% vitamin C and 1% ferulic acid

Excellent depigmentation and anti-blemish agent

Prevents sun damage and works on free radicals

Works effectively on deep tan

Recommended for dry, normal and oily skin

Formulated without paraben and animal ingredients

Cruelty-free, not tested on animals

This formulation is researched and developed by dermatologists in Italy