Root Deep Hair Lotion

Within a short span of 6 months, Root Deep has emerged as a leading Hair Loss treatment. It has gained the trust of more than 20,000 customers.

Each product in the Root Deep Hair Lotion range is scientifically designed. They target a specific factor responsible for severe hair loss.

Hydroil Shock is a patented solution with powerful root recharging & follicle blockage clearing active ingredients. Reduces your hair fall in just 10 days.

Hydroil is a patented solution for preventing hair fall and regrow new hair. It is a patented solution to fight your hair fall, thinning and decreased hair density. Clinically proven to increase hair density on 8/10 people in 40 days.

For the best results, it is recommended to use  them consecutively.

First use  Hydroil Shock Hair Lotion for a swift hair fall reduction in a short period of 10 days. Then Hydroil to improve your hair density in 40 days and prevent hair fall from coming back.

Designed specially with active ingredients to fight hair loss and regrowth of new hair.

Treatment works best with Root Deep Shampoo and Conditioner.

Advanced patented hair loss solution develop with  powerful botanical active ingredients to effectively reduce severe hair loss.

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