Fio de Ouro stocks a number of quality toothpaste brands. Each type has its own unique ingredients for the particular purpose of the toothpaste.

Whitening toothpaste gently and effectively whitens your teeth without causing damage to your precious tooth enamel.

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Special formulae to de-senisitise teeth, re-mineralize tooth enamel and also restore microscopic enamel defects. Can contain other ingredients such as turmeric which are highly beneficial for gum pain and inflammation.

Toothpaste with silver particles. Silver nanoparticles are proven to have antibacterial properties. They reduce the risk of gum disease and bad breath caused by bacteria in the mouth.

Toothpaste with gold helps prevent cavities and plaque build up. Protects against gum problems and painful sensitivity. Prevents tartar, whitens teeth by removing surface stains and helps prevent enamel erosion.

Many toothpaste brands contain basil and peppermint. These toothpastes give oral freshness and freshens and soothes painful gums.





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