From Selfies To Skincare: 8 Ways AI Will Shake Up Your Beauty Starting Now

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Everybody is talking about AI these days. In my beauty clinic the girls are talking about it. But why do we care so much about AI when it comes to our beauty and personal care?

AI has suddenly burst onto the scene and we are informed it’s here to stay. More than that – it will take over our lives.

I work in the beauty field so I need to know how my industry is going to be transformed by AI. I don’t believe robots will take over as therapists as my clients will insist on the human touch and the power it brings.

Beauty and personal care AI helping humans

But there are many ways AI will help humans when it comes to beauty and personal care:

  1. Personalised product recommendations. AI powered tools will be able to analyse your skin type, condition, facial features, hair and listen to your personal requirements. Then by using the vast amount of data at its disposal, AI will be able to recommend products perfectly suited to you. It will take out the guesswork from your choice of what product is best for you.
  2. Virtual try-ons. Already available to some extent this will expand dramatically. Customers will be able to virtually try on jewellery, clothes, accessories, wigs etc. Hair salons will be able to show exactly how a new hair style will suit you and give visual recommendations to the customer by using AI with augmented reality. When buying makeup you will be able to use AI and augmented reality to see exactly how it will look when applied to your face.
  3. AI will help shoppers challenge transparency and honesty regarding beauty products. Consumers will be empowered to demand more proof behind the claims that are being made. Brands will have to demonstrate how effective their products and ingredients are.
  4. Provide inspiration. AI will be able to create new ideas for makeup, hairstyles and clothing that you will be able to virtually try on before deciding to buy.
  5. In-store AI powered bot assistants. Customers will be able to request detailed and specific product information, ask beauty related questions and beauty tips etc. More importantly, they will get informed and detailed responses.
  6. Searching the web for beauty and personal care suppliers, best prices, discounts and sales. AI bots will do all the hard work for us.
  7. Skincare and Haircare Analysis: AI will be able use image recognition and machine learning to analyze skin and hair and give advice. AI filters will be able to analyse facial features and suggest makeup looks that match individual styles and preferences. This will help the customer decide on the best treatment and product.
  8. Plastic or cosmetic surgery patients will be able to visualise how they will look after surgery using AI generated images. AI will also help the surgeon decide the best treatment and recovery options with AI powered robots helping to perform precise surgery.

This is just a taster of the incredible changes that we can expect in beauty and personal care. I’m sure there will be much much more to discover on our journey into the fascinating world of AI.

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