O3+ Bridal Facial Vitamin-C Glowing Kit


Bridal Facial Kit.
A 10-step regimen that ensures wonderful results as it boosts radiance while solving multiple skin concerns
This kit works together to brighten, moisturize, purify and remove tan from the skin
Catering to uneven skin tone, brown spots and pigmentation, this orange pack will solve all your skin woes
An ideal solution for dull, uneven & combination skin type5. This exceptional mix of deep serum penetration, peel off mask & massage that revives your skin from inside out
Bridal Facial Kit formulated in Italy by dermatologists
Enriched with the goodness of vitamin C, the bridal facial kit is impeccably curated for brides with dry and dull skin. Catering to uneven skin tones, brown spots and pigmentation, the orange pack will solve all your skin woes before you walk the aisle!

This kit is not only for brides, it is an ultimate facial for all types of skin. It can be used by age 18 and above

Providing a deep serum penetration, a peel off mask, moisturization and a healthy glow, this regime aims at giving you the healthiest glowing skin.