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Sun (not so) Glorious Sun

Always, Always Use Sunblock.

If you were to ask me what is my number one skin care tip (after drinking plenty of water) I would have to say ‘always use sunblock’.

It’s obvious perhaps, I know.

You might also expect that people in sunny countries would always be protecting themselves from the sun.

But how many times have you been to the beach and seen people who are red from head to toe?

Apart from being really painful the next day, sunburn is also dangerous.

But we shouldn’t only be concerned about getting burnt.


Skin pigmentation isn’t just an aesthetic issue. Doctors say it’s a sign that your body is trying to protect itself from sun exposure and cell damage.

Even the slightest skin darkening.

If you allow this process to continue over a period of years then this could damage and prematurely age your skin – or worse.

So if you really care for your skin, I believe you should protect yourself from harmful sun rays at all times.

And I don’t mean only on sunny days and in hot sunny countries.

On cloudy days we may feel less concerned about the sun, but clouds only partially block harmful rays.


My clients ask me how should sun protection fit into a normal skin care routine.

For my face I follow the following sequence:

  1. Use a cleanser.
  2. Apply toner.
  3. Eye cream
  4. Serum/moisturiser.
  5. Sun screen.
  6. Lip balm.
  7. Makeup as preferred.

I normally use a mineral sunscreen, but if I used a chemical type I would apply it straight after cleansing as it is usually recommended that this type of sunscreen should be applied directly to clean skin.

Also I never use a sun screen with an SPF less than 30 and preferably SPF 50.

I personally use and recommend to my clients VI Derm SPF 50+ Sun Cream.   It’s a high quality sunscreen that I trust and really like.


My perfect spot on the beach!


Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love going to the beach. But I avoid going between 10am and 4pm and I’ll usually be found under the shade of the biggest tree.

With a large bottle of water in one hand and my SPF 50 in the other!

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