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Beauty Match.


Have you googled the word ‘beauty’ recently? Last time I did it returned over 5 billion results!

That’s a staggering number and shows how much information there is already out there on the subject of beauty.

So I will do my best to cover the subject from my perspective – with a Brazilian twist!  

Fio de Ouro is Portuguese for Gold Thread  – here linking Brazil -UAE- London.


I have worked for a long time in the beauty industry, studied different beauty techniques and gained certificates in Sao Paulo in Brazil,  London in UK and Dubai, UAE.

I have learnt so much, working with and treating celebrities, VIPs and other fabulous people from so many different countries and cultures. Read more here.

Everybody has their own opinion on the best methods to achieve the ultimate goal of beauty.

Some I wouldn’t personally use myself (or recommend to anyone) – like using charcoal to darken eyebrows – as people used to do where I’m from in Brazil.

beauty match passion for beauty
Passionate about Beauty


Passionate about Beauty

I would love to hear if you have any weird or wonderful beauty tips you would like to share with our community. Leave any comments in the box below.

Thanks for reading my blog and see you soon!


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